CHOCOLATE GOUACHE marks CHOCO's first commercial collection, and it begins with much fanfare sporting decorative packaging along with prints and an art DVD. But when you strip away all the extraneous bits, you'll find you just paid ¥ 6,980 for a 112 page art book---and that's extravagant even for this stunning art book ^^;

CHOCO is coming out with his first commercial art book next month, but much like with Aoi Nishimata, he has already released several art book-like doujins in the past and today I'm going to cover his Comiket 69 release Chocolate Geometry #0003. While I'm sure there'll be some new works in CHOCOLATE GOUACHE, we can also expect to see some older works considering the previews provided so far, many of which will be pulled from past doujinshi publications.

Dengeki Daioh GENESIS is a new comic-focused magazine that comes out quarterly like Gelatin. The first issue came out January 2010, and also like Gelatin the comics featured inside are original, and oftentimes meant to be "one shot" features done by popular artists. But unlike Gelatin, this phone-book thick magazine includes only monochrome comics. So why the interest? The original magazine exclusive posters by artists like Redjuice and Kishida Mel, of course.

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