ayakura juu

Ayakura Juu Illustrations Spice and Wolf marks the first art book by the artist, and the most comprehensive collection of Spice and Wolf art work to date. The slip on book obi boasts an incredible 400 illustrations, and while technically true, that's counting a lot of back cover pictures of apples and coins along with small monochrome thumbnails into that total. In fact, if you also purchased Rainbow Spectrum: Colors Haimura Kiyotaka Illustrations you'll experience a slight sense of déjà vu as the two books utilise a rather similar layout to bring together the monochrome and color works from the light novels and other media. But Spice and Wolf does it better on the whole.

Up until a few days ago, Spice and Wolf Complete was the only real art book out for the popular series. And while it delivers the bare essentials---illustrations from the anime, manga, and light novels along with story information---it's not so much an art book as a guide book. Still, since I like to be comprehensive when I can, I'll include it ^^

12 Color Girls is a collaboration doujinshi between Spice and Wolf light novel illustrator Ayakura Juu and an artist I was previously unfamiliar with, Daizan. This full color collection features girls making use of various everyday school supplies like staplers, paper, tape and so on, in rather creative ways.