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FUFUFU 2011 was released this past weekend at Comic LIVE, a convention that is centered around doujinshi artists, with a side of cosplay. Vinhnyu's 2011 collection feels much like a yearbook of 2010 and early 2011, marking with art many of the series highlights of the past year.

Alphonse's B&W White Radio & Black Rock Shooter is a sort of two-in-one collection, where depending on which cover you open the doujinshi from, you get a different story. Both sides feature beautifully illustrated stories, much like the color comics we've seen in GELATIN, that place an emphasis on being able to tell a story that anyone could understand through the art work alone.

HUKE's latest release PIC7 brings us a mix of his newest Black Rock Shooter illustrations alongside fan art and robots in a spectacular B4-sized book format. This cinema-like display for a book is new territory for HUKE, but his art work stands up to the size increase, with detailed works and elaborate textures on every illustration.

For Comiket 78, Hato Rami released two illustration doujins, both individually sold. STAR★DUST is the less expensive of the two and is composed entirely of fan art illustrations from past Hato no Tamago releases. Inside, there's a mix of illustrations from Black Rock Shooter, Rozen Maiden, Fate/Stay Night and more, selectively chosen for this compilation.

Miwa Shirow usually releases full black and white illustration doujins, but in the past year there have been two partial color books, one being VVW Vocaloid Visual Works and the other being m3wver.7+ce, a C77 release and the subject of today's review ^^

The first volume of Pixiv Quarterly was released May 28th, marking yet another way to consume the media generated by thousands of artists on the online art community. The premiere issue features a lengthy discussion on Black Rock Shooter, as well as how-to art and interviews with well-known artists.

Huke's Comiket 77 release was Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2, and similar to the first volume, its content consists of the characters that make up the BRS world. There is a great focus on the villains in this volume, and impressively, none of the Black Rock Shooter illustrations that appeared in Huke's PICSIX are in this book, so there is no overlap.

It would be hard to have missed Huke's meteoric rise onto the artist scene, sparked by his animation and illustrations for the Vocaloid BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER music video. Huke was around before that, but his appearances in magazines like Gelatin, and character design jobs (STEINS;GATE) have definitely increased since his association with the music and art circle Supercell.

Nagi Ryou (凪良) is probably best know for the game designs of Ar Tonelico. And if you haven't seen those, then he's probably pretty new to you. Nagi Ryou also has a circle called S.E.C., though as far as I know he's the only one in it.

Influence was a Comiket 76 release, featuring Nagi Ryou's take on anime and art work that influences him. I would guess Neon Genesis Evangelion was the greatest influence as it gets the most pages, but of course that might also be coincidence.

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