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CHOCO is coming out with his first commercial art book next month, but much like with Aoi Nishimata, he has already released several art book-like doujins in the past and today I'm going to cover his Comiket 69 release Chocolate Geometry #0003. While I'm sure there'll be some new works in CHOCOLATE GOUACHE, we can also expect to see some older works considering the previews provided so far, many of which will be pulled from past doujinshi publications.

Though Miki Miyashita has yet to have a commercial art book released, she's done more than enough work to have released multiple art book-sized doujinshi, and RAISONNE III is one of them. RAISONNE III was released during Comic Market 69 Winter 2005 and though it's a few years old, I only recently acquired it after being impressed by last year's illustration collection in RAISONNE IV.

Kuroboshi Kouhaku is probably best known as the illustrator for Kino's Journey, although he's worked on numerous other games and series like Summon Night, and Allison & Lillia. And while Kuroboshi Kouhaku hasn't participated much in the doujinshi scene, he has released a few gems and Granada Level Q has to be the best of them.

When I buy older art books and doujinshi, it can really be a mixed bag. On the one hand, I can see the artist's progression, and sometimes even different styles. But other times, the work isn't polished enough and can look quite amateur. I'm please to say though, that Takoyaki's doujinshi releases, new and old haven't disappointed. a Chroma first came out during the winter 2005 Comiket 69.

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