comiket 73

THROWLINE is an older Range Murata publication, released for Comiket 73 at the end of 2007. Unlike his most recent doujinshi publications, it features monochrome sketches along with color art works. The gorgeous cover art work on this book still hasn't managed to find its way into another re-collection, though Range Murata has indicated in a recent Kikan S issue that he's working on another illustration collection tentatively titled GAME WORKS. I didn't think he worked on a lot of games though...

This is a short review because Rokuwata Tomoe's Windward is a short book. Most doujinshi publications tend to be on the short side, but I do try to aim for ones that have at least 20 pages, unless I just really like the artist or can get it for cheap.

Recommended Artbooks

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