comiket 79

Chisato Naruse's Drops was released for Comiket 79 and has a rather unique and interesting theme; all of the girls pictured quite literally have water droplets on them. It's something you see often in illustrations, but I never thought about it being the focus of a collection ^^;

Masato @ Takashina has thrown naming conventions to the winds and decided to also call his Comiket 79 release 47PF, as he did his previous Comiket 78 release. Perhaps it's to show that 47PF (Winter 2010) is more or less a continuation of the previous idea, with a random assortment of fashionable girl illustrations from the past year just grouped together.

Ein's second original doujinshi, Long-Cake Pico Pixels 02, was released for Comiket 79 and improves on the Comiket 78 release, Long-Cake Pico Pixels, with more recent works, full-page illustrations and even more pages.

Mizusawa Mimori's Coco Colorful ~Winter 2010~ is a small collection of both fan arts and original works that she released for Comiket 79. I tend to skip over Mizusawa Mimori's releases, but this time it had something of interest for me: Panty & Stocking fan arts! ^^;

I don't want to call it a 'comeback' (he's been here for years) but Haritama Hiroki's Comiket 79 release Mile Stone is probably the first illustration collection I've seen from him since his 2004 art book Splendor. Though the works collected in Mile Stone aren't all new, they bridge the gap between between his last publication and the present.

STAR DUST -Development- 2 is much like Minase Lin's first volume in layout and style, but it's nearly double the length of the original. It's a full color illustration book once again, though it does include some sketches.

For Comiket 79, Yoshida Seiji released his third illustration doujinshi titled Et In Arcadia Ego. Unlike his previous doujinshi titled PAST, Et In Arcadia Ego features new illustrations that really showcase his current art style.

Though RCO Wada's Toka Toka 3---released at Comiket 79---is on the shorter side like most of her doujins, it showcases a beautiful assortment of works from series like Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Shingetsutan Tsukihime along with original pieces.

Yoshitoshi Abe's Comiket 79 release, C.H.R 2010 Winter brings together a combination of new illustrations along with Abe's steps taken in making each piece. It's especially interesting because he executes a variety of styles in his collection, from the painted look he's most notable for in Serial Experiments Lain to a sharper anime style.

Though the Comiket 79 doujinshi release Tonbo: Ryo Ueda Toho Art Collection II didn't have the production caliber of the first volume, the Touhou art work collected within still stands up to the original, and even improves upon it.

Fuyuno Haruaki released two illustration collections for Comiket 79, one of which was the earlier reviewed collaboration with Ginta called GAINAX Girl Mix and the other being a collection of original works and today's topic of review, Shoujo Electronica. Several of the illustrations in Shoujo Electronica are quite relevant to the theme, with girls decorated by music, but it's not the only style exercised in the book.

I was very excited to pick up Fuyuno Haruaki and Ginta's Comiket 79 collaboration GAINAX Girl Mix as I was anticipating both Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt goodness inside. And lo and behold, it's there, and in ways much more creative than I imagined.