gothic lolita

If you've ever wanted a book filled with anime-styled girls in frilly lolita dresses, well, this one's for you. Nouvelle Vague: Yukiwo Art Work Collection sticks firmly to the path of lolita dresses, with a smattering of the Melonbooks mascot Melon-chan, and the immortal Alice in Wonderland. Though the art book came out in July 2006, it is currently out of print so you'll have to find it second hand.

Edel Farben was released December 2008 and is a gorgeous collection of color illustrations by You Shiina (椎名 優) from the circle Tenkyudho. I have a couple of art books by this artist, and I have to say, this self-publication is my favorite book from her.

The long awaited art book "PEACH-PIT Rozen Maiden Illustrations" was finally released late last month. The book is hardcover, full color and 88 pages long, which is a bit on the short side of a commercial art book. Although PEACH-PIT consists of two artists, Sendo Banri (千道 万里) and Ebara Shibuko (えばら 渋子), since they don't feel the need to distinguish who drew what, neither do I ^^