hirano katsuyuki

Hirano Katsuyuki has worked on several game titles and is probably best known at this point for his work on Record of Agarest War. But he's also the artist behind BLAZING SOULS, Steady x Study, Spectral Souls, and more. Hirano Katsuyuki Art Works includes art work from all of the above and still has room to delve into Katsuyuki's light novel illustrations as well. It's an impressive collection, focusing on his years of commercial art works.

Hirano Katsuyuki, probably best known as the artist for the video game Record of Agarest War, will be releasing his first art book this December. But until then, his most recent release was from Comiket 78, titled Lateral Records 5. This doujinshi features full color illustrations as well as monochrome works that hopefully won't also be in the upcoming art book ^^;

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