KEI continues to be an unstoppable force, releasing yet another all color volume of his illustration series, GA (画) Vol 07. Like with previous volumes, GA Vol. 07 includes a mixture of fan arts and originals, and this time around many of the characters from the Summer 2010 volume have found their way into the Winter 2010 as well.

Although Akabane is a relatively new artist and doesn't have a lot of work to her name, her Comiket 78 release RE Concerto the Idolmaster beautifully displays her talents for anyone wanting to look. It's a relatively short collection---just 16-pages including the covers---that focuses on beautifully detailed and fleshed out illustrations of The iDOLM@STER characters.

Annindofu Illustration Works Brilliant Idol is a definitive collection of official art work from THE iDOLMaSTER, covering illustrations from the games, CDs, telecards and the plethora of other merchandise affiliated with the series. Even if you've never played the games, the glamour of the idols will win you over ^^

Recommended Artbooks

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