The first volume of Pixiv Quarterly was released May 28th, marking yet another way to consume the media generated by thousands of artists on the online art community. The premiere issue features a lengthy discussion on Black Rock Shooter, as well as how-to art and interviews with well-known artists.

Dengeki Daioh GENESIS is a new comic-focused magazine that comes out quarterly like Gelatin. The first issue came out January 2010, and also like Gelatin the comics featured inside are original, and oftentimes meant to be "one shot" features done by popular artists. But unlike Gelatin, this phone-book thick magazine includes only monochrome comics. So why the interest? The original magazine exclusive posters by artists like Redjuice and Kishida Mel, of course.

I feel like I'll never really be quite thorough enough with magazine reviews, so I was thinking I'll just start focusing more on the highlights and overall stuff that interested me in an issue. I suppose if you're here, you ought to have some degree of similar interests ;D So, Megami Magazine Creators Volume 19 came out at the end of last month, and it was a pretty good issue for illustrations.

I've been meaning to include more reviews for magazines, but at the rate they come out, it's quite hard to keep up. But I'm going to try harder! The January issue Animedia Magazine does the traditional New Year's round-up it does every year, with the characters from the more popular series this year featured in their New Year's attire as well as art work from up and coming shows at the end of the magazine.

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