For some reason, I was prepared to not like Indico Lite Key ― Mitha Illustrations mostly because I anticipated there would be an abundance of older illustrations since this is Mitha's first art book. So I would venture to say that it's actually a pretty good art book overall, though it could be the case of a combination of lowered expectations with mediocrity.

MOEOH Selection's Ten Colors ~ Juu Nin To Iro ~ finally came out last week, after weeks of hearing and talking about it. And if you're at all familiar with the Dengeki MOEOH magazine, you'll know that means art work from the 10 artists featured each month for the past two years: Satoshi Kiba, Aoi Kimizuka, Koharu Sakura, Tinkle, Mamoru Naruse, Yu Narumi, Matsuryu, Suigun Murakami, Morinaga Korune, and Mitha.

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