miyasu risa

Artists Miyasu Risa and Hinayuki Usa joined together for their Comiket 78 release of RB16, which features a collection of newly drawn color-themed girls. Miyau Risa's solo collection Azalea Floating---which was printed after this doujinshi---actually includes a couple of the illustrations from RB16.

Having been able to purchase Azalea Floating Miyasu Risa Illustrations directly from Amazon Japan only deepens my confusion as to what makes an art book +18. As usual, Miyasu Risa does what she does best and alternates her sweet girls between very naughty and nice. But if you've seen her work before, there won't be any surprises in Azalea Floating.

Miyasu Risa released several items with her circle D.N.A. Lab during Comiket 77, but the one item I wanted was her artbook-sized illustration book Grande Desserts. This A4-sized, 100-page (covers included) collection has 74 pages in full color and plenty of illustrations ranging from original characters, to fan arts and from sexy to completely not-safe-for-work illustrations ^^; It's a very thorough collection, to say the least.

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