Miyu's Strawberry Waltz is a lovely but brief collection of her original characters in frilly dresses, trimmed in lace and framed by flowers. Though the majority of the illustrations are monochrome, the color portion of Strawberry Waltz definitely makes it worth a look!

Blue Garnet was released for Comiket 79 and marks the 14th original visual book by Miyu, which is quite a feat for a doujinshi artist. Although, perhaps slightly less of a feat considering some of her books are in the 12-page range. But luckily, Blue Garnet is not one of the shorter ones ^^;

For Comiket 78, Miyu released another installment in her visual book series, Mitsu*Mitsu, featuring a collection of all original illustrations. While Miyu isn't that well-known, she has been one of the contributing artists for Etsu Magazine's themed galleries, which later go on to be in the volumes of Girls Girls Girls! Illustrations books. She actually had one illustration in the most recent book.