As many of you have guessed, Toranoana released another set of New Year's postcards for 2010 as well. And it's really a Tora-year, considering Toranoana's mascot is a tiger. But this time, instead of having only 10 cards like the 2009 set, there were three different sets (A through C) of 10 cards each. So it comes to a grand total of 30 postcards, by 30 different artists.

Out with the old, and in with the new! Last year, Toranoana sold a set of New Year's postcards (which also doubled as lottery tickets) illustrated by 10 different artists, with the likes of Shimada Humikane and CARNELIAN among them. In this set, the girls are all dressed as the Chinese zodiac animal for the year, the Ox. Though... since they're girls, they're cows!

The World of M is a collection of concept art designed by Korean artist H2SO4. It's a doujinshi and was the release for the circle Island of Horizon during Comiket 76. The World of M is just a start, and it looks like H2SO4 may be working on it for future doujinshi releases.