queen's blade

Queen's Blade continues to push the envelope with the release of it's newest art book, Vanquished Queens. Vanquished Queens consists entirely of new illustrations of the Queen's Blade girls getting owned, all by the original character artists for each girl.

Megami MAGAZINE Creators Volume 22 is the first issue of 2011, and like a few other magazines out, it includes a 12-month calendar. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard issue, though more artists I enjoy were included this time around.

Rin-Sin Visual Art Works is the second art book released by Rin-Sin but considering the last art book came out more than nine years ago, it was well overdue! Though Rin-Sin doesn't work on many different series, he's done a lot of illustrations from current hits like Queen's Blade as well as Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny, Great Guardians and Xtreme Xecutor.

The newest book in the Queen's Blade series came out at the end of last month, on April 30th. Though I don't always buy Queen's Blade books, I do buy them when they feature artists I like which in this case is Hiiro Yuki. For a sample of his work outside of Queen's Blade, check out my review of his Comiket 77 release,

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