For Comitia 92, RubiconHearts released their second publication, titled Neko to Shoujo (猫と少女), featuring a collection of illustrations of girls and cats by Take (竹), Tsunekawa Niwasuke (常川庭助), Ame (雨), and Yuu (優). While it doesn't have the famous illustrators of the first collection『Kyoto, Spring.』, it does continue to maintain the high standards of quality the circle set for themselves during Comiket 77.

RubiconHearts is a newly established circle of artists who released their first doujinshi during winter Comiket 77 with the aptly titled 『Kyoto, Spring.』, headlining with original illustrations by artists Takeuchi Takashi (Type-Moon) and Kobayashi Jin (School Rumble). The mission statement of RubiconHearts is truly a noble one, wanting to show the beauty of printed art with a presentation that they feel digital art cannot yet capture.

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