tatsuki amaduyu

VIVID COLOR Tatsuki Amaduyu Illustrations 1995-2010 is the newest solo collection from the well-known BLAZER ONE and LEAF artist. This full color collection showcases Tatsuki Amaduyu's non-commercial art work, with lots of original characters as well as fan art works from Macross Frontier, Neon Genesis Evangelion and more.

It's hard for me to consider LEAF Illustrations Tatsuki Amaduyu Edition 1998-2006 a "doujinshi" aside from the very technical reason that you just can't buy it commercially, and it has no ISBN. Other than that, this over-sized 111-page book is beautifully made, with an attention to detail in construction that you seldom see in commercial books. Some of Tatsuki Amaduyu's best pieces are collected here, spanning eight years and everything from To Heart to Utawarerumono (うたわれるもの).

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