tetsuya ohno

One of the many Toranoana gallery exhibitions from last year was an anniversary celebration of art by the production company PENCIL, which has under its wing artists like Tetsuya Ohno, Kannagi Rei, Tanihara Natsuki, and Shinonome Kazuhiko. Luckily, the PENCIL 10th Anniversary Pamphlet conveniently brings together the illustrations of these artists that were exhibited, just in case you couldn't make it to the event ^^

When I first opened up Tetsuya Ohno Illustrations PRISM way back in August, I was pretty disappointed overall. At the time, I'd felt that I'd just seen too many of the illustrations already in other books I'd purchased from him, and that there wasn't enough originality to it. Several months later, I can see it a lot more objectively for what it really does; PRISM is actually more of a 'best of' book including works from throughout Ohno's career, but without the filler.