Even though Toranoana's ALL SEASON MIX BEST is really about the music, I had to get it for the accompanying art book full of all new original illustrations from artists like You Shiina, refeia, H2SO4, Tiv, Kuroboshi Kouhaku and many more. There are 39 illustrations in total from 27 artists, so in some cases you may get to see a new illustration from a favorite artist more than once ^^

As many of you have guessed, Toranoana released another set of New Year's postcards for 2010 as well. And it's really a Tora-year, considering Toranoana's mascot is a tiger. But this time, instead of having only 10 cards like the 2009 set, there were three different sets (A through C) of 10 cards each. So it comes to a grand total of 30 postcards, by 30 different artists.

H2SO4's Shiroi Hanabira (白い花びら) was released during Comiket 73, which was way back at the end of 2007. It's a full color, staple-bound collection of illustrations that includes four art works by other Korean artists like Tearfish and Tiv. On the up-side, it's all beautiful color art work, but on the downside, it's a very slim 16 pages without counting the covers.

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