Nabeshima Tetsuhiro's dedication to Touhou continues with his Comiket 79 release Toho Antique. The illustration theme focuses on the items each of the Touhou girls are often pictured with. Unlike some of Nabeshima Tetsuhiro's other releases, the illustrations have a very finished look, and feature most of the main Touhou girls.

Though the Comiket 79 doujinshi release Tonbo: Ryo Ueda Toho Art Collection II didn't have the production caliber of the first volume, the Touhou art work collected within still stands up to the original, and even improves upon it.

Ideolo's new Touhou doujinshi BLACK★ALBUM more or less starts up where his Comiket 78 volume, Carnival Fantasy left off, featuring many of the Touhou girls that weren't included in the previous book. Ideolo's designs are as beautiful as ever, this time combining his colorful palette with sharp black shadows and background designs.

KEI continues to be an unstoppable force, releasing yet another all color volume of his illustration series, GA (画) Vol 07. Like with previous volumes, GA Vol. 07 includes a mixture of fan arts and originals, and this time around many of the characters from the Summer 2010 volume have found their way into the Winter 2010 as well.

Megami MAGAZINE Creators Volume 22 is the first issue of 2011, and like a few other magazines out, it includes a 12-month calendar. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard issue, though more artists I enjoy were included this time around.

My Favorite Girls is a full-color illustration collection of Touhou character works by Korean artists Nyanya and Cu-rim. Though I purchased this because of Nyanya's involvement, I quite like Cu-rim's colorful style as well. For Nyanya, this was one of two books that she participated in for Comiket 78.

Ideolo of NEKO WORKi released an all Touhou illustration book for Comiket 78 called Carnival Fantasy which for the most part features colorful single character illustrations of many of the main Touhou girls. Ideolo has an interesting almost paper cut-out like style to his illustrations, and it really shines in this collection with stylized backgrounds to match.

Petite Fatal 4th is another installment of An2A's (said 'Anna') Touhou color illustration fan books and was released for Comiket 78. Like previous installments, it's not very long, but the beautiful styles and vivid coloring just leaves you wanting to see more.

Touhou Jibun Katte Emaki was a joint release illustration book between Momiji Mao and Ganjii for COMIC1☆4. This 16-page, short illustration collection features dynamic portraits of several of the Touhou characters along with a cross-talk interview with the two artists involved.

REW, read as 'Rewind' is a 5-year collection of Kurehito Misaki's illustrations, which includes a lot of original works as well as some fan arts and Touhou illustrations. Sold exclusively through Toranoana, this compilation book was released during the Tora Festival 2010 (とら祭り2010).

The Touhou Project Tribute Arts 2 is the second installment in Toranoana's Touhou illustration collections, and was released for the Reitaisai 7 (博麗神社例大祭) convention on March 14, 2010. While the previous volume came with tarot cards, this time there are two books; one featuring a full color collection and the other a black and white illustrations and sketch collection of the works featured in the color version.

Hinayuki Usa is a prolific artist both in and out of the doujin scene, and Yumemi Shoujo no Yume Sen (夢見少女の夢占) was one of her two books released during Comiket 77. She often works along side Natsume Eri (なつめえり) as their styles just complement each other, but for once, this small Touhou collection includes only Hinayuki Usa's illustrations.

Recommended Artbooks

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