Harinpikku 2010 (ハリンピック2010) which by the sound of that title and the sports theme of the images, I'm assuming to be a play on the word 'olympic.' But it could mean anything! The collection features anime girls you should recognize from shows like K-On!, HeartCatch PreCure!, Darker than Black and a few others, all wearing the undergarment that Nadeara Bukichi is famous for.

Touhou Jibun Katte Emaki was a joint release illustration book between Momiji Mao and Ganjii for COMIC1☆4. This 16-page, short illustration collection features dynamic portraits of several of the Touhou characters along with a cross-talk interview with the two artists involved.

Hurry Up!² is a full color collection from REI of the circle REI's ROOM, which was released for COMIC1☆4. It's a pretty standard illustration release from REI; lots of colorful art work, fan art, and her commentaries in both Chinese and Japanese.

Kouga Yun, arguably best known as the illustrator for Loveless and the character designer for Mobile Suit Gundam 00, released her fifth doujinshi illustration collection with the COMIC1☆4 publication TORNADO:5. Though the previous TORNADO volumes were all or mostly rough illustrations, this one is printed in full color, with only four pages of sketches.

Wonderland is the latest illustration collection from Chisato Naruse, having been released during COMIC 1☆4 at the end of April. It's a compilation doujinshi, featuring her favorites from 6 years of illustration, 2003 through 2009. The only new illustration in this volume is the cover art work, featuring Chisato Naruse's version of Alice in Wonderland.