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CARNELIAN's Benigyokuzui Vol. 17 came out a little over a year after Benigyokuzui Vol. 15, so I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't any illustration overlap between the two doujins. That isn't to say there's no overlap from some of her other releases, but that's for another review.

Range Murata's All the Way Home came out last year during Comiket 75 and is an A4 sized, 38-page collection of Murata's more recent color and monochrome art work. Range Murata's art work appears in so many publications, it would be great it there was a single book you could buy to have it all, but his most recent doujins are doing an alright job with keeping up.

Mitsuishi Shona's Relaxation Switch COLORS.001 came out during Comiket 75, and was the first full cover doujinshi by the artist. Shona's works look like they could come straight out of a series like ef - a tale of memories, with the way her illustrations shimmer and shine, along with the surreal background scenes for her characters.

It would be hard to have missed Huke's meteoric rise onto the artist scene, sparked by his animation and illustrations for the Vocaloid BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER music video. Huke was around before that, but his appearances in magazines like Gelatin, and character design jobs (STEINS;GATE) have definitely increased since his association with the music and art circle Supercell.

Edel Farben was released December 2008 and is a gorgeous collection of color illustrations by You Shiina (椎名 優) from the circle Tenkyudho. I have a couple of art books by this artist, and I have to say, this self-publication is my favorite book from her.

I picked up this doujin on a whim with several other items from Comiket 75. I had never heard of Toshimasa Komiya (小宮利公), but the Hatsune Miku picture on the cover caught my eye, so I bought it ^^; Has anyone else heard of this artist before?

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