The Daigakusei Zukan 2012 Illustrations of Real Campus Girls brings together the annual who's who of universities in Japan with the illustrator variety book that has become so popular over the past couple of years. Though there are works from several famous artists featured in Daigakusei Zukan 2012 there are just as many relative unknowns, and the illustration quality varies greatly.

Ein's second original doujinshi, Long-Cake Pico Pixels 02, was released for Comiket 79 and improves on the Comiket 78 release, Long-Cake Pico Pixels, with more recent works, full-page illustrations and even more pages.

I was first introduced to Ein's art work through the art book The New Generation of Manga Artists Vol. 4: The Omnibus Collection, a publication I'm sure many other anime fans ran into at some point. While Ein's signature style is beautiful girls in hi-tech scenery, it's not always in demand and his art work outside of light novel covers can be hard to find, so I was delighted to see his Long-Cake Pico Pixels doujinshi release for Comiket 78.