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Hato Rami's CONCERT is the other half of her two part Comiket 78 doujinshi release. While STAR★DUST focused entirely on fan art illustrations, all the art works in CONCERT are of original characters. And Hato Rami's original designs are gorgeous as usual ^^

For Comiket 78, Hato Rami released two illustration doujins, both individually sold. STAR★DUST is the less expensive of the two and is composed entirely of fan art illustrations from past Hato no Tamago releases. Inside, there's a mix of illustrations from Black Rock Shooter, Rozen Maiden, Fate/Stay Night and more, selectively chosen for this compilation.

The fifth volume in the Girls Girls Girls! series published by Etsu (E☆2 ) just came out on June 1st, and like always it brings together another beautiful girl collection of illustrations. Girls Girls Girls!5 ~Pure Girl Collection~ features newly drawn art work by Tinkle on the cover along with several more of their illustrations inside.

I'm laughing just typing that title. Yoiko no Moecco! Imouto Pantsu ONLY is a ¥1300 mook (magazine book) featuring the illustrations of 44 different artists on the always popular theme of "imouto pantsu." There's a real mix of old favorites as far as artists go, with some new up and coming artists who I'm starting to see more and more often in magazines like Dengeki MOEOH and E☆2 (Etsu).

The newest pretty girls collection from E☆2 (Etsu), Girls Girls Girls!4 Illustrations was just released a few days ago in Japan, and it continues to be what we expect from the Girls Girls Girls! series of art books. It features a great assortment of artists ranging from the well known to the virtually unknown.

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