island of horizon

Thinking that H2SO4 had a pretty good Comiket 77 release, I had nearly convinced myself to pass up on the Comiket 78 release, Blonde Blossom. But I'm so glad I didn't! Blonde Blossom is an excellent collection, packed with some of H2SO4's newest works along with prints of several of the hard to get promotional K-Books illustration cards.

H2SO4's Comiket 77 release is a compilation of previous releases titled Island of Horizon Selection 2005 - 2007. It already sounds quite dated considering it's already 2010, but H2SO4's older works look just as polished and professional as his new ones. If you've seen my previous reviews for H2SO4's works Tropical Nights and Shiroi Hanabira, you will feel a small sense of déjà vu. I considered avoiding photographing images you've seen before in the other reviews, but it wouldn't really be the most objective presentation.

H2SO4's Tropical Nights doujinshi is a B5 sized collection of color and monochrome art works. And unlike H2SO4's Shiroi Hanabira, there are no guest art works in this one. The illustration above is also the cover illustration, and it's good that it gets re-printed inside since the cover of this glue-bound volume has a shimmering, metallic finish.