I was quite surprised by the contents in the new K-ON! Super Illustrations Vol. 1, as it features a combination of official art by the manga creator Kakifly (かきふらい) and tribute illustrations by a wide range of well-known (and relatively unknown) artists. It's an interesting mix, and it just makes me think they didn't have enough of either to put out a full art book. But seeing as how it's labeled as volume one, we can be expecting more of these in the future.

After reviewing so many art books and magazines recently, I'm in need of something short and sweet, and CUTEG's Comiket 76 doujinshi Vacation fits perfectly. At just 16 pages---a number that includes both the front and back covers---this full color illustration doujinshi is still a joy to look through. K-ON! is heavily featured, with appearances from CLANNAD, AIR, Touhou, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Toradora!

Ito Noizi's Comiket 76 doujinshi, Sweet + Sweets, has to be one of the tiniest ones from her yet. This book has only 12 pages, and this includes the covers. Initially, I wasn't going to get it at all, but the promise of her illustrating characters like Sheryl and Ranka from Macross Frontier along with Mio from K-ON just became too much to ignore. No doubt in a few years time, these will all appear in the back of an "Ito Noizi Illustrations IV"!

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