Nilitsu's About 18 Songs 2 captures girls with headphones in a variety of surreal scenes and fan art illustrations. Every girl is in some way involved with music, be it through listening or playing it, so this short doujinshi has an easy to follow theme overall.

Mikoto Akemi romanizes his name as Miko&Akemi in his Yellow Avantgard publication Kick-Ass, from Comiket 78. But! Dragon Magazine writes it as Mikoto Akemi, and as it gives everyone a better idea on how to pronounce it, I'm going to stick with that. So on this occasion, Kick-Ass is not a film, but in fact a full color illustration fan book collecting works from K-On!, Angel Beats!, Durarara!! and others. I just noticed exclamation marks have become quite the trend for anime titles...

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