naruse chisato

Chisato Naruse's Drops was released for Comiket 79 and has a rather unique and interesting theme; all of the girls pictured quite literally have water droplets on them. It's something you see often in illustrations, but I never thought about it being the focus of a collection ^^;

Chisato Naruse's Comiket 78 release Escursione is a small-sized illustration book, with art work on a travelling theme. This was the smaller part of her release; the other half was a joint project with Yuu Takigawa that included a custom bag and stationary.

Wonderland is the latest illustration collection from Chisato Naruse, having been released during COMIC 1☆4 at the end of April. It's a compilation doujinshi, featuring her favorites from 6 years of illustration, 2003 through 2009. The only new illustration in this volume is the cover art work, featuring Chisato Naruse's version of Alice in Wonderland.