neon genesis evangelion

CARNELIAN's Benigyokuzui Vol. 17 came out a little over a year after Benigyokuzui Vol. 15, so I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't any illustration overlap between the two doujins. That isn't to say there's no overlap from some of her other releases, but that's for another review.

After the review of Benigyokuzui Vol. 27, I was inspired to go back a ways and look through some of CARNELIAN's older doujins, which lead me to today's review for Benigyokuzui Vol. 15. It's one of the few older volumes that is full-color all the way through, with both fan arts and original works getting a full-page presentation.

CARNELIAN's Benigyokuzui Vol. 27 is less like an illustration doujinshi and more like a product catalog, seeing as how the majority of illustrations included come from merchandise releases. And speaking as someone who seldom buys the extras, it's a welcome addition to my small pile of CARNELIAN art works.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Illustrations CARMINE came out as a limited edition boxed set in March 2009. This giant art book included works from FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nadia Secret of Blue Water, Aim for the Top! 2, and .hack//SIGN as well as few original illustrations. While the limited edition art book had a huge price tag of ¥13,000, coming out next month is the standard edition for the much more affordable price of ¥3,150.