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Miki Miyashita's Raisonne IV was a hard cover sequel to Raisonne III with new illustrations and a larger B5-sized format. Raisonne IV already really showcases how Miki Miyashita's style has grown, with better coloring and more proportional character designs. There's a mix of fan art and original works in the art book as well, ranging from Vocaloid to Code Geass.

The Lewis Carroll classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland serves often as inspiration for illustrators, and has shown up in more doujinshi than I can name. But it's slightly less often that an artist as talented as ALPHONSE takes on the genre, as he has done for his Comiket 76 release of the same title, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Noriyuki Matsumoto is a long time illustrator who will soon be adding original character designer to his list of titles, with the upcoming Mouretsu Pirates. Though that's not the focus of the Comiket 76 release WATER, there is at least one inspiration illustration from the upcoming series included. The majority of other works in this collection are originals, manga illustrations and the occasional fan arts.

Monster Hinatar G is an amusing blend of the girls from Koihime Musou dressed up as characters from the popular game Monster Hunter, all illustrated by the official Koihime Musou character designer, Katagiri Hinata. This collection was first released during Summer 2009 for Comiket 76 but can still be found on auction sites, as Katagiri Hinata is a perennially popular artist.

Senmu (せんむ) isn't an artist I normally follow. I know he often puts out full color doujinshi, but I seldom place them on my "to purchase" list. And in all honesty, I think his art is beautiful. And I love his original designs with Kämpfer (けんぷファー) much more than the anime style. So what's the hold out? The page layouts.

KEI, probably most known for his character design of Hatsune Miku, quite regularly puts out a full-color collection called 画 (Ga) at Comiket events. But with the Summer 2009 Comiket, he started to release a smaller collection of monochrome ink illustrations titled 画 Mini Vol. 01, and it looks like it will be a continuing series as one was released with the Comiket 77 edition of 画 (Ga) Vol. 05.

COLORS is a short, Touhou doujinshi released during Comiket 76 by the relatively unknown artist Tsuki (つき). In fact, this artist is probably even more unknown due to a recent name change. Though the circle remains the same, Chikatama (ちかたま), the artist's pen name changed from Chika (ちか) to Tsuki (つき) between Comiket 76 and 77 and this doujinshi was published under the former name. Since this is a bit on the short side with just 16 pages, I also want to talk about the Touhou and Vocaloid genres in general.

Miwa Shirow's VVW Vocaloid Visual Works is awesome and you should buy it. This concludes my review.

After reviewing so many art books and magazines recently, I'm in need of something short and sweet, and CUTEG's Comiket 76 doujinshi Vacation fits perfectly. At just 16 pages---a number that includes both the front and back covers---this full color illustration doujinshi is still a joy to look through. K-ON! is heavily featured, with appearances from CLANNAD, AIR, Touhou, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Toradora!

Naoto Tenhiro is undoubtedly best known for his Sister Princess character designs and illustrations, so his style is very recognizable. When I spotted the Yoru ha Koneko de Isogashi (夜は子猫で忙しい) Illustrations as a Comiket 76 release, I didn't hesitate to get it because it was full color, and I'd already seem many of the illustrations in the visual drama that ran in Animage Magazine from 2005 to 2006. And as we all know, it's good to know what you're getting before you buy it!

Akaringo's Touhou art work stands out even in a in a series as prolific as Touhou. The unique character styling and black shadows create designs somewhere between an anime and manga look. This doujinshi from AZ + PLAY titled 0 [LOVE] was released during Comiket 75, and is full color and all illustrations.

The World of M is a collection of concept art designed by Korean artist H2SO4. It's a doujinshi and was the release for the circle Island of Horizon during Comiket 76. The World of M is just a start, and it looks like H2SO4 may be working on it for future doujinshi releases.

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