Takehito Harada, best known for his character designs for Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom, has a special place in his heart for his character, Pleinair. Pure-iko! is a collection of entirely Pleinair illustrations, that also feature her pals Usagi-san and Same-san.

Hiroyuki Asada Illustrations Water is the second art book released by the artist this year alone, with the first being the March release of Tegami Bachi Illustrations Shine. These two books were obviously planned together, as everything from the index to the hardcover bindings and the printed, textless covers were done in the same way.

Mizusawa Mimori's Coco Colorful ~Winter 2010~ is a small collection of both fan arts and original works that she released for Comiket 79. I tend to skip over Mizusawa Mimori's releases, but this time it had something of interest for me: Panty & Stocking fan arts! ^^;

Macross Frontier Visual Collection Sheryl Nome FINAL is the third in a collection of Macross Frontier art books that feature new illustrations of the series heroines at the impressive price of just ¥1000. While the previous Sheryl Nome book features Sheryl's looks from the TV series, Sheryl Nome FINAL focuses on her styles from the feature films.

Rabbit Net Chronicles 2004-2010 is an art book-sized doujinshi, released for Comiket 78 featuring art works from many big name artists like Tinkle, Ginta, Ikegami Akane, Tsubasu Izumi and many more. These illustrations covered a variety of goods from decorative bags, to pencil boards, to dakimakura that were released through Rabbit Net over the past few years.

I don't want to call it a 'comeback' (he's been here for years) but Haritama Hiroki's Comiket 79 release Mile Stone is probably the first illustration collection I've seen from him since his 2004 art book Splendor. Though the works collected in Mile Stone aren't all new, they bridge the gap between between his last publication and the present.

Splendor: Haritama Hiroki Color Art Work Collection is a rather uniquely made book, and perhaps even ahead of its time in design. Though Haritama Hiroki is a rather prolific artist, his name might not be immediately familiar as his heyday was in the early 2000's. He's best know as the character designer and illustrator for the games Ensemble and Natural 2 -DUO-, and art work from both of those can be found in Splendor.

Tony's ART Works from Shining World is easily one of the best art books I've ever purchased, and with its impending release in the US, even more people have the chance to enjoy this fantastic art book. I'm reviewing the Japanese edition, which may not be the same presentation-wise, but should have the same content. is a blog of anime art book, magazine, and doujinshi reviews. In the mix you'll also find wallpapers, opinions, buying tips and my thoughts on collecting art books.


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